Welcome to the official M° Silvano Pasini's website

Graduated in 1989 in Violin at the State School of Music "A.Vivaldi" in Alessandria under the guidance of M°  Fabio Biondi, he specialised in Orchestra Conduction and Choir Conduction with Paolo Ferrara, Nicola Conci, Bruno Rigacci.

He carried out an intense concertistic activity in various Chamber and Symphonic formations collaborating with orchestras such as: Orchestra Sinfonica della RAI di Torino, Orchestra da Camera di Bologna, Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana, Orchestra da Camera di Engelberg, Columbus Orchestra, Orchestra Sinfonica Italiana, Orchestra Classica Italiana, Orchestra "G.Cantelli" di Milano, Encore Orchestra di Orlando (Florida), realizing tournée in Austria, Belarus, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Japan, India and the United States of America. more...